Monday, January 30, 2012

Dear Grandma and Grandpa-

It has been such a long time since I wrote to you guys! My one new years resolution this year is to write once a month so I can send you pictures too! This month has been very busy for me. I turned three, started school, had a birthday party, had surgery and saw some airplanes!
I am back up at USU and loving it! My friends Gracelyn and Maya are in my class again and I enjoy playing with them very much! In my new class we have show and tell, math time, science time and a turtle and a Gerbil named 'bubbles'! We get to feed them sometimes. I love playing with the HUGE blocks that are in the class room. A friend and I built a tower that was so tall, all the teachers were talking about it the next day, even teachers who aren't in my classroom!
For my birthday, we went bowling! I loved it! I bowled a score of 80, and want to go bowling again soon. I loved dancing in my bowling shoes and after I was done bowling, Uncle Dave let me play some arcade games. I do have to be very careful with my money, I got hungry one day and ate a penny. It tasted awful and my tummy hurt for a few days, but everything turned out okay. I am pretty sure I learned my lesson, but you never know when you will be hungry again and the only thing you have is a penny!

For my birthday party, mom made me a 'very hungry caterpillar' cake. I picked chocolate as the flavor and it was wonderul! Daddy made some pictures of the food the caterpillar eats in his story and we played 'memory' with them on the living room floor. That is one of my favorite games and Daddy's pictures were awesome! The week after my birthday I had tubes put in my ears. I wasn't very happy about that. My ears do feel better and I can hear better now, but I was very sad that day. We had to be there early in the morning so I was very tired, luckily I had my Batman blankie with me. It made me feel better to snuggle in it.
Today we went to see the Air Force Base in Roy.
I LOVED to see all the planes and wanted to ride in one. When Mommy told me we were going to see some airplanes, I kept asking her if we were going to ride in a train too. Now, that would've been so much fun! But I did get to go into a helicopter that flew in the Vietnam war and even poke my head out of a window, so that made me feel better. Daddy bought me a blue airplane from the gift store and I love it! It looks just like one of the planes that was hanging from the ceiling. I met a nice man who worked at the museum whose name was 'Tom' and he showed me one of the planes that he flew when he was younger.
Till next month!- Love Sophia
Its me, Abbie. I have changed so much this past month its crazy! When I went for my check up in the middle of the month I weighed just over 12 pounds and I am 21 inches long! The Dr. said I was short and fat, but Mommy told me that was A-ok. I love to smile and even laughed for the first time! I went to a different Dr. and he checked my ears to make sure I can hear ok. He said that everything is great so I don't need to go and see him again. Sophie and Mommy and I painted our toes HOT PINK! Sophie painted mommy's half blue, but mine are all pink and it rocks! They are very stylish if I do say so myself. I love to play with Sophie and even danced with her this month. I didn't dance for long, but Sophie always treats me very nice. She even taught me how to count the other day from a coloring book the Grandma Forbis bought her. I was sitting in my car seat and Sophie pulled me close so she could show me what page she was coloring. I love to listen to her stories and watch her as she runs around the room jumping off stuff. She keeps me entertained for sure! Love- Abigail

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